DPVA Supports a $15 Minimum Wage for Virginia

Whereas, ​the minimum wage in Virginia is $7.25. Since the last minimum wage increase in 2009, the purchasing power of a minimum wage worker has grown weaker every year against inflation.

The​ ​current minimum wage annual pay of $15,080 is $1,830 below the 2019 Federal Poverty Line for a family of two; this leaves single income households vulnerable to poverty. The Federal Minimum Wage must be raised in order to create a Virginia of equal opportunity.

With​ ​a $15 minimum wage, not only will millions of Virginians be lifted out of poverty, but it will also benefit the local economy with increased productivity, revenue, and growth. The increased tax revenue would improve local infrastructure, increase funding for education, and lower reliance on social services.

An​ ​increased minimum wage will lower the wealth gap between men and women, and allow individuals the opportunity to pursue an education or further their career.

States and cities across the country have taken the initiative and increased the minimum wage in their jurisdiction in order to ensure that minimum wage workers will retain the ability to provide for themselves and their families. These increases have resulted in improved productivity among workers and a reduced turnover rate in different industries.

Therefore, be it resolved ​that the Democratic Party of Virginia supports a $15 minimum wage for Virginians because our Commonwealth must allow for every working citizen the ability to adequately provide for themselves and their families regardless of their career.