Membership of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee is comprised of community members from the cities and counties that make up the district. The table below lists the Membership of the committee:

City / CountyMember’s NameEmail Address
Elected Members – 4 Year Terms
Loudoun CountySri Amudhanar[email protected]
 Kristine Condie[email protected]
 Nicholas Gothard[email protected]
 Ellen Heald[email protected]
 Zeina Hutchison[email protected]
 John LoGalbo[email protected]
 Zachary Pruckowski[email protected]
 Atoosa Reeser[email protected]
 Koran Saines[email protected]
 Lissa Savaglio[email protected]
 Kannan Srinivasan[email protected]
Cities of Manassas & Manassas ParkDavid Adam Hamby[email protected]
Fairfax CountyKimberly Davis[email protected]
Fauquier CountyWhitney Petrilli[email protected]
 David Wiedenfeld[email protected]
Prince William CountyEvelyn BruMar[email protected]
 Adelle Settle[email protected]
 Raheel Sheikh[email protected]
 Raymond White[email protected]
Rappahannock CountyRonald Goodman[email protected]
Elected Members – 2 Year Terms
County or City Rep (Loudoun)Liz Carter[email protected]
County or City Rep (Prince William)Tonya James[email protected]
State Legislative Seat (Loudoun)Suhas Subramanyam[email protected]
County or City Rep (Rappahannock)Mary Sherman Willis[email protected]
Ex Officio Members
Fauquier CountyRobert Zwick, Rural Caucus Chair[email protected]
Cities of Manassas & Manassas ParkEJ Scott, DPVA Black Caucus Chair[email protected]
Loudoun CountyJennifer Wexton, 10th CD U.S. Representative[email protected]