Spring 2020 – 10th CD Auction Fundraiser – Auction Items Needed

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee has been forced to cancel any plans for an in-person fundraising event. To make sure we can continue to support our Democratic candidates in this critical year, we’ll be holding an online Auction Fundraiser in late June, 2020. We’re reaching out to our committee members, local Chairs, and friends to help supply items or services to be offered for Auction via a portal on our Website.

We’re looking for donated items that range from homemade items like jewelry, cross-stitch, and knitted items on up to larger ticket items like antiques, collectibles, or gift cards. We’re hoping to appeal to a range of bidders, from $25 lots all the way up to the thousands of dollars. Ideally, these could be items/collections that would most appeal to the sorts of folks who make political donations.

The possibilities are endless. We need you to think seriously about what items you can contribute (or solicit a contribution) to the auction. It would be great if you could also reach out to your friends and see if they would like to contribute any items. Please Use this Form to describe the item you will contribute, a starting price (the minimum value you think it is worth), and one to 4 pictures of the donated item. You can submit multiple items, but each item will require a separate form submission. We hope to build up our inventory by May 20th and to start the auction on May 23rd.

Zachary Pruckowski,
Chair, 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee


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