A Resolution in Support of Delegate Lee Carter, 50th Virginia House District

Your fellow members of the 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee honor you for your continued commitment to serve the residents of your 50th Virginia House District. As the only self-proclaimed Democratic socialist in the General Assembly, and with your outspoken support of working people, you have attracted significant notoriety and misinformation in achieving some of our legislative goals.

We became concerned when you felt the need to find a “safe house” for Monday, January 20, 2020, due to death threats aimed at you before the so-called “gun rights” rally in Richmond. Governor Northam felt it necessary to declare a State of Emergency and ban all civilian firearms from the Capital grounds. We regret you needed to take the personal threats against you so seriously as to require that you and your family spend the day out of reach.

We salute you for your bravery, your determination, your clarity of vision, and your spirit of service in the face of all odds. You serve your district, our 10th District, and the Commonwealth of Virginia proficiently. You are a model in fulfilling your oath of office in the House of Delegates.

Beyond our modest words favoring you, we hope that we can assist you even in small ways in the months ahead for your continued service. Let us know of your needs that we might be helpful.

Blessings to you as you continue in service.

The 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee, Commonwealth of Virginia, US